We believe that the design and construction fields are entering a renaissance. The steadily increasing knowledge of building science, our ability to accurately simulate building performance, emerging manufacturing technologies like 3D printing, a greater cultural awareness of design in general, and the steadily increasing realization that we have to act now to slow climate change are some of the factors driving a ground swell of evolution that will change the way we see and create the built environment. Rock on!

Some places are getting serious about cutting building energy use already: http://passivehouseplus.ie/news/government/dublin-local-authority-makes-passive-house-mandatory-in-historic-vote.html

More and more designers and institutions are focusing on the factors driving this renaissance, and how we adapt and share technology in a practical, sustainable and ethical way: http://pillarssustainableeducation.org/uncategorized/building-for-people-human-centered-design-with-local-materials/