Our good friend and frequent collaborator Ben Berman of BermanBuilt had a design question for us: can we come up with a wall that can move out of the way when more open space is needed, go into a closed position when separation and privacy are needed, make some jogs around a couple 90 degree turns, and incorporates a bunch of douglas fir flooring that he has stockpiled?

Our solution: a wood tambour wall. Wood tambour is typically constructed as a series of wood strips (or flooring, in this case) that are joined in a way that allows it to articulate and curve (or in this case, jog around some turns in the room). Most of us are familiar with wood tambours on old, roll top desks. This is much like a horizontal version of that.

We'll be building the mock-up over the next two weeks, so stay tuned as we work out the kinks and get this custom piece figured out!