A lot of projects have a hard time justifying using a service cavity to separate wiring and other service runs from the main wall cavity, though it is still considered best practice. 

The Intello air/vapor barrier method is one way: https://foursevenfive.com/how-to-stay-airtight-without-a-service-cavity

Another is the airtight drywall approach, seen here: https://buildingscience.com/documents/information-sheets/air-barriers-airtight-drywall-approach

While airtight drywall is not as "smart" as the Intello option, it can work well if done right. When you are weighing your options for airtightness remember that you have to design an assembly that controls air and water vapor movement while allowing drying, and the details will be specific to your construction method and climate. If you accomplish all that, you can save up to 35% of your energy costs over standard construction - well worth the extra effort.