We are using a point cloud survey of the site for a new house design we are working on outside of Durango, Colorado. It has been an amazing way to bring the site back to the office so to speak. We still spend a lot of time walking, photographing, and taking notes on site at different times of day. Taking the time to let the character of the land, vegetation, and place soak in, understand the path of the sun, the views, etc. cannot be replaced. But once we bring all that back to the office, the point cloud model acts as a kind of trace of memories of our time on the site. Because of its detail and our ability to examine it from any angle in 3d, combining the point cloud with our photographs and notes jogs very specific associations that we can hold onto and consider as we design the house in relation to the land. Point cloud surveys have quickly become one of our favorite new tools in the architect's toolbox.